Monday, 27 May 2013

How wonderful to be outside this morning for my yoga practice... the smell of the early morning air, the grass drew me out & rewarded me as I stepped out to find a place for my mat, protected from the wind by the trees, the feel of the earth through the mat reminded me what yoga is for... what it's about... connecting my mind and my body, my body to the place I'm in. Yoga means yoke, not the yoke of slavery, subservience we think of in the West, but connecting whatever we believe in, what we are. I encourage you to practise outside whenever you can, in your garden, in the park, on the green, by a river, wherever you feel a connection, or *would like to feel a connection* with the place you live in...

Don't be embarrassed, just watch the elements around you: water, earth, air as you move or meditate. You may well inspire somebody passing by, but most importantly, you could inspire yourself :-)

For outdoor yoga you will need:

  • base mat for the grass/mud/sand, a cane beach mat is cheap & easy to find, then when you finish your practice don't roll it up, fold it into to itself so it doesn't get you and your other things muddy
  • your usual yoga mat goes on top of the cane mat
  • jumper/something you can wrap around your waist or shoulders as you practise then put back on for your meditation or final relaxation
  • as little else as possible... shoes and door key if you're going far, otherwise just barefeet to step out to your garden... start carrying a bag, a book, sunglasses and it's a faff you don't need, keep it simple :-)